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Join TD Bank’s Affinity Program to Benefit the Pascack Valley High School PFO

Do you have an individual or business account at TD Bank? 

If you do, please call or stop by any TD Bank to say that you want to join the Affinity Program to benefit Pascack Valley High School PFO (Code QB).

By joining the Affinity Program, the PFO receives an annual contribution from TD Bank simply because you bank there!

We receive $50 for every new checking account . $10 for every existing checking account and 1/10 of 1% contribution based upon participants’ annual average balances (includes all Savings, Money Market, CDs, and Retirement Accounts!!!)

You will receive $25 when you open a new non-interest bearing checking account (Code 20005)


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Pascack Valley HS PFO Committees

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Fashion Show
Chair:   Oksana Hassan, Natalie Fiskin and Melissa Levine

Choose from a variety of committees. Help solicit and/or wrap prizes, sell tickets, make centerpieces, coordinate fashions, and assist student models for the PFO’s biggest general fundraiser. Seniors are featured as models. Contact information:

Chair:   Eileen Thomas and Kathleen Eberson

Assist with baking or buying refreshments and set-up or clean-up for various PFO functions: 8th Grade Orientation (October, January),  Bingo (May)

Chair:   Joanne Allgor

Inform the membership of PFO upcoming events and publicize non-PFO school related activities and fundraisers.

Safe Graduation 2019
Chair:   Krista Flilnn and Christine Mugno

Help with planning, mailings, and chaperoning the all night graduation party.

Safe Graduation 2020
Chair:   Dina Mattessich and Denise Solda

Help with planning, mailings, and chaperoning the all night graduation party.

Safe Graduation 2021
Chair:   TBD
Chair:   Eileen Thomas and Krista Flinn

Assist with mailings and other things associated with the scholarship committee.

Staff Recognition
Chair:   Karen Jones, Cheryl Smolen

Help with welcome back breakfast for the staff,  Staff Recognition Luncheon and end of the year breakfast

Chair:   TBD

Help solicit prizes, sell tickets, wrap prizes, sell raffle tickets, etc. for our spring fundraiser.  All proceeds are awarded as scholarships to seniors.

Chair:   TBD

Assist with membership and delivery of the Student Directory.