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Join TD Bank’s Affinity Program to Benefit the Pascack Valley High School PFO

Do you have an individual or business account at TD Bank? 

  • If you do, please call or stop by any TD Bank to say that you want to join the Affinity Program to benefit Pascack Valley High School PFO (Code QB).
  • The Hillsdale Branch number is: (201) 594-0991. Give them your name and account numbers (or they will even look them up for you)! Make sure all accounts are linked!
  • Also, tell all your friends, relatives, and business partners! You do not have to belong to the PFO or even have kids in PV to join the Affinity Program on its behalf!  You also do not need to live locally to participate.
  • Raising funds for the PFO does not get any easier than this and costs you absolutely nothing! 

By joining the Affinity Program, the PFO will receive an annual contribution from TD Bank simply because you bank there!

  • $50 for every new checking account
  • $10 for every existing checking account
  • 1/10 of 1% contribution based upon participants’ annual average balances (includes all Savings, Money Market, CDs, and Retirement Accounts!!!)

You will receive $25 when you open a new non-interest bearing checking account (Code 20005)

Fast Facts:

  • Once you join, you never need to do anything again to stay joined. You will have created an annuity for the PFO that will continue long after your children graduate!
  • In the 2012/2013 school year, only 63 accounts were linked and the PFO received $5,452!
  • Therefore, the potential is so, so much greater! PV has approximately 1,200 students at any one time, once you join you remain joined, and anyone you know can join to help a great cause.
  • This will allow the Pascack Valley High School PFO to do even more to enhance the high school experience for our children.

 It just takes a few moments to join. Why not call and do it today?



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Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Pascack Valley High School Parent Faculty Organization (PVHS-PFO) to foster public awareness of our educational system and to empower our members with skills in advocacy, leadership and communication to positively impact the school community. This will be accomplished through diverse volunteers comprised of members actively involved in providing students with various programs and activities acting on their behalf.

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